Version: 3.5

Last updated: 20-07-2024



Phone:+31 70 221 0801

Main product introductions

Method Description
Quick payment Scan QR code to pay, merchants scan the QR code or Bar code of customers, applicable to WeChat Pay and Alipay+.
QR Code payment Scan the QR code to pay, customers scan the QR code of merchant, applicable to all payment methods.
List Hosted payment page with all payment methods.
YabandPay Aggregate payment, Only applicable to WeChat and Alipay+.

Payment method instructions

No. Name Description
1 WeChat Pay Applicable worldwide
2 Alipay+ Applicable worldwide, please refer to
3 UnionPayWap Applicable worldwide
4 QuickPass Applicable worldwide
5 iDEAL Applicable to the Netherlands
6 Bancontact Applicable to Belgium
7 Blik Applicable Poland
8 PayPal Applicable worldwide
9 ApplePay Applicable worldwide
10 GooglePay Applicable worldwide
11 Credit Card Visa or Mastercard, Online payment scenario, applicable worldwide
12 Voucher Gift card payments, such as VVV

Test Account

YabandPay provides the following account for testing.

user=016683 (email=016683,UID=016683)


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